TiTine2ne Sylvest is a singer and actress from Copenhagen, Denmark, living in Vasa, Finland.

She was a member of The Danish Radio Girl’s Choir from age 10 up until the age of 18. From 19 to 22 she joined the actor’s education at the Danish Theatre High School ODENSE TEATERS ELEVSKOLE, and then worked as an actress at the ODENSE TEATER for five years. In her mid-twenties she received an education as a TV showhostess at the DanishTelevision, DR-TV.

Afterwords she began to sing professionally managing her own bands as well as working as a speaker/conferencier at festivals while touring in Scandinavia and Germany. One of her tours brought her to Finland, where she settled down a few years after her first visit. She continued to perform as a soloist doing musicals as well as country-rock & blues. In connection with a musical production at Wasa Theater in Finland a CD “Rosie” was produced, and after that she also released a country-rock & blues inspired CD, “What Life Is Made of” containing her own compositions and lyrics.

During the next years she changed repertoire and mostly did classical concerts, still being curious about improving her voice and finding new ways of expression.


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