Tine Sylvest
Rosie (Heta sånger, kalla fötter)

1. I Know Him So Well
2. Memory
3. When A Man Loves A Woman
4. You Broke My Heart
5. Hallelujah I Love Him So
6. The Colour Of My Love

1998 Wasa teater

Tine Sylvest
What Life Is Made of

1. Freedom & Indenpendency
2. The Difference Between a Lover and Friend
3. Blackbird´s Nest
4. I Miss You Tonight
5. Scorpio
6. The Witch
7. The Inn for Hidden Love Affairs
8. House Full of Fortune
9. G.O.L
10. I Have to go Back to My Own Life Again
11. What Life Is Made Of

2003 Unicorn Music & Therapy, Vindauga Music

Tine Sylvest and Dani Strömbäck
Visor på tre språk & en blues

1. To ensomme fugle
2. Soluppgång
3. Winter Is Over
4. I Miss You Tonight

2008 Unicorn Music & Therapy

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