2005-11-02 09.55.15-1Tine Sylvest started her career as a psychotherapist by receiving intensive psychotherapy during more than 10 years before she started her first psychotherapy training.

2014 –> Tine teaches Selfknowledge and Negotiation in the program Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research at Åbo Academy’s Department of Social Sciences, and leadership and management at Vasa Sommaruniversitet, Vasa, Finland

2009 – 2010 she joined the EMDR-therapisteducation at Vasa Sjukvårdsdidtrikt, Finland

2006 – 2011 she was teaching leadership and management at Åbo Academy’s Open University ÖPU in Vasa, Finland.

2005 – 2006 Tine joined a supervisor training program. The program was run by Danish supervisor and psychotherapist MPF Susanne Bang and hosted by the Danish Association of Psychotherapists; Psykoterapeutforeningen.

2004 – 2006 she was trained as a family therapist at Novia in Vasa, Finland.

2004 Tine became a member – MPF – of the Danish Association for Psychotherapy; Psykoterapeutforeningen.

 2002 – 2004 she specialized in Art Therapy, joining the training program in Drawing Therapy in the SPEKTRUM-school for Psychotherapy and Education in Denmark.

1996 –> Tine started her own private practice in Jakobstad, Finland, continuing in Vasa

1994 – 1996 Tine Sylvest received training as a psychotherapist at SKOLEN FOR KUNST, PEDAGOGIK OG PSYKOTERAPI in Copenhagen, run by Elise Frigast. This training programme offered specialization in working with psychotherapy using drama therapy, psychodrama, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing, storytelling and working with dreams as tools for the therapeutic process.

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